Liz + Ryan // Triunfo Creek Vineyards Wedding // Malibu, CA

I am so excited to finally share these photos with you! It has been a crazy busy summer and we have worked with so many amazing people, I am so glad I can start off by sharing this one!

Liz and Ryan met through an youth missionary discipleship organization, better known as YWAM or Youth with a Mission in a small village, Herrnhut (HERN-hoot) in Eastern Germany. They have been able to travel the world together and share the good new of Jesus Christ. I was so ecstatic when my old buddy Ryan called me up out of the blue (we did our YWAM DTS together in that same German Village) I had never met Liz but I had seen photos over her and OHMYGOSH, I was so ready to shoot this GEORGEOUS couples wedding.

It was such an easy going, intimate wedding with out a typical bridal party, instead the guests were to wear flower crowns and boutonnieres and join part as the wedding party. One of my closest friends and fellow Canadian photographer, Chance Faulker Photography served as he officiant of the wedding.

Honestly, I couldn't ask for a more perfect day! 

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Enough with my babbling...