Alaska || Travel

Cups of gas station coffee: hundreds

Miles driven: close to 2,000

rental cars: 2

Blizzards: 1

Moose sightings: 1

Glaciers: 0

Average temp in Fairbanks in Dec 2013: -40

Average temp in Fairbanks in Dec 2014: 30

Failed attempts at seeing the Northern Lights: 2

Episodes of Son's of Anarchy watched: 12

Number of bags of popcorn Cameron ate: 93489834

Time we had to be towed out of the snow: 2

Average sunrise: 10:40am

Average Sunset: 3:45pm

Price to fly from Alaska from San Diego for 2 people: $56

6 days spent with my best friend driving a car in a blizzard, on black ice  skating around with summer tires and finding the Alaskan equivalent to Mike Grzanich ...PRICELESS

I now bring you Anchorage, Fairbanks and Seward, Alaska